• JahcelyneJahcelyne

    Such a great experience visiting! Julie and her daughters are very knowledgeable and made me feel so safe & educated on the service I was receiving. Would highly recommend!

  • Carlos VeCarlos Ve

    Been going here a while. Stopped because of the pandemic. Waited a while to return. The owners are very friendly, and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend !!!

  • Gabriel GrossyGabriel Grossy

    A place I recommend to all my friends and family.

  • Magda SwiokloMagda Swioklo

    Anyone can find something amazing for themselves at Arctic!I love their infrared sauna, especially in the colder months- great to detox and warm up! They’re also are helping me to get rid of the stubborn belly fat with the use of freezing methods. After just few sessions I was able to fit back in my pre pandemic jeans! The owner is very knowledgeable in the topic of nutrition and wellness. Honest, very friendly and professional staff. The place is very clean and cozy. It has the spa vibes. You come in as a stranger, warmly welcomed by smiling faces and leave as a friend.

  • Karyn TKaryn T

    This place is second to none!!! I decided to try this place due to my multiple autoimmune diseases. It was the best decision I ever made. The pain relief I received was better than any doctor prescribed medication. The cryotherapy treatments have been incredible. I feel like the bionic woman now.
    The treatments made me better than I was before. I encourage anyone in pain like me to give this place a try. The results speak for themselves. In addition, this place is spotless and has a spa like atmosphere. The staff is very knowledgeable and truly care about their clients. They have inherited a lifelong client. I highly recommend!


How Cryotherapy Works?

The main idea that lies behind the cryo treatment is cooling and heating the skin. The temperature, as well as the duration of a cryotherapy session, differs depending on the type of body cells you want to address. When affected in a proper way, your body responds to the thermoregulation challenge within seconds by increasing the blood circulation and boosting the central nervous and immune systems. All these changes result in the release of epinephrine, endorphins, and anti-inflammatory proteins. Put simply, cryotherapy tricks your body into “fight or flight mode” without stressing you out. How great is that?

Propel your health and wellness

Why Does Everyone Need a Cryotherapy Session?

Whole body cryotherapy enacts a powerful reaction in the body, freezing fat, burning calories, tightening skin, healing pain, speeding up recovery and boosting energy by exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures in a state of the art cryo sauna for about 3 minutes. The soothing treatment boosts metabolism, stimulates circulation, healing and detoxification. It’s the choice of elite athletes and other top-level performers. Chill out with a three-minute treatment today and receive endless benefits to your health and well being.

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